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Hackett came out of six years of troubled retirement in 2014 in a bid to make the Rio Games, hoping to become the oldest Australian swimmer to qualify for an Olympics. But he narrowly missed out on a berth and after the Olympic trials in Adelaide last April, he hit the headlines again after a meltdown on a plane. - 'Not the Grant we know' - Hackett was accused of drunkenly squeezing the nipple of a fellow business-class passenger doctor home mortgage loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 in an embarrassing incident which prompted him to vow to quit drinking. "This is now a chronic problem... so, from a mental health perspective, I hope something can be done," Craig Hackett said Wednesday. "This is not Grant Hackett, this is a completely different person. I don't know this person, my mum and dad don't know this person. "He's there in body, but he is not there in mind, in soul, or spirit," he said. Hackett mumbled a few words to reporters after his release, saying he was "not great" and "probably needed to" go into rehab. Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates and Swimming Australia both offered their support. "We are concerned for Grant's doctor home loan program Oak Laurel welfare," Coates said in a statement.